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beCaring is proud to be a part of a new initiative called The Joy of Sox. 蜂巢组织举办了一场活动,为该地区无家可归的社区和各种收容所提供袜子. For one month, the team collected socks for men, women, 把孩子们放在办公室里的盒子里,并通过虚拟捐赠给Sox的快乐亚马逊慈善微笑名单. At the end of the drive, 蜂巢的成员可以直接捐赠并记录总数. beMarketing’s sock drive was a huge success. Through a team effort, beMarketing was able to donate 102 pairs of men’s socks, 128 pairs of women’s socks, and 150 pairs of kids socks, for a total of 380 pairs of socks! The Joy of Sox began a few years back, 她的使命是用一双简单的新袜子给无家可归的人带来欢乐. With roots in Philadelphia, 这家非营利组织继续向全国各地的无家可归者提供袜子.

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我们最值得骄傲的努力之一是有能力通过每个季度建立一个公益网站来回馈社区. Through this program, we select a local organization that is in need of a website redesign, or we build a new website for them from scratch. 我们是根据当前市场上的最佳实践以及他们如何展示自己的目标来决定这一点的. Is their site mobile responsive? Does their site utilize a full screen modern look? Is the content on the site outdated and in need of updating? 这些只是我们将网站建设奖励给社区合作伙伴时要考虑的一些因素.

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